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Storytellers Fynbos Apothecary

Every plant has a tale to tell. If we learn to listen, we find echoes of these stories in the ways that each plant grows and heals.

Storytellers Fynbos Apothecary is a range of natural personal care products, infused with the health-giving vibrance of plants, mostly indigenous, all grown organically or sustainably wild harvested. It is also a journey of discovery, in which we see our products as the manifestation of our learning and co-creation with the natural world. Everything is made by hand, by ourselves (a husband and wife team operating from a farm in the northern Cederberg), on a tiny scale. We change our products as we are inspired to do. All of our creations utilise the wisdom of the whole plant, and never isolated extracts.

We are seekers and storytellers: our mission is to grow our understanding of the forgotten truths that are held in the land, and by the plants in particular, and to make sure living knowledge is remembered and passed on. To this end, we have also formed a collective with some of the many people who still know and use medicinal plants, living around us, to explore modern ways to work with plant remedies. Fynbosmengsels, our partner, is a collective of fynbos knowledge holders each making their own products, using similar methods to the fynbos apothecary, but with people's own recipes and way of working. We also experiment and invent recipes together. Each member produces and markets their range as a micro enterprise.

Strict no-toxin ethos

Both our personal care range and our fynbos-infused deli goodies are created with quality, natural ingredients only. There are no parabens, sulphates, preservatives or dodgy additives - which does mean the products need to be treated with care.

Eco-conscious packaging

Most of our products are packaged in glass, or in compostable bags. Our soaps are also available unpackaged.

The wisdom of the whole plant

We do not believe in using isolated extracts, but prefer to defer to the wisdom of the whole plant, using methods such as distillation and infusion.

Ecological consciousness

Where possible, the plants we use are cultivated in our organic gardens. Some plants are wild harvested from our own land, but this is done sustainably and with great respect - plus ongoing research into their cultivation. We also believe that ecological thinking means working with the communities that are closest to the plants - and we do so.

Simple, ancient methods

The methods that we use in making our products are simple, time-honoured and process rich. Everything is lovingly done by hand.