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Fynbos Mengsels

Working with plants is a way to revitalise our oldest memories of who we are.
In the Cederberg, there are many people with deep, living knowledge of the hidden value in fynbos plants.
We have started a group called FynbosMengsels (mengsel is an Afrikaans word meaning "fusion" or "mixture").
We are a mixture of different people who share a love of the plants and a thirst to know more. We also make mixtures...
We meet regularly, and work together to discuss plant knowledge, take walks and  tell stories.
We also explore modern ways to work with plant remedies; experimenting and inventing recipes.
Sometimes we make things for sale. Our sister group, KunsMengsels, is all about artisanal and nature-inspired crafts.

Mixing it up with fynbos

We talk a lot - telling traditional old stories and magical tales, sharing knowledge of plant remedies - or simply where to view some elusive species. We concoct delicious foods, too.

Learn with us

Our group is open to sharing their knowledge and love of the fynbos. Join one of our meetings, or book a place at one of our teaching workshops. Alternatively, order a fynbos-infused meal whilst staying in Rocklands.

FynbosMengsels shop

Shop our range of fynbos infused jams, marmalades, cordials, vinegars, oils, chutneys and relish. Choose from what's in stock, or place your order. Note that many items are seasonal :)