The Storytellers The Storytellers Experience the Rocklands wilderness

Rocklands, northern Cederberg.

In this rugged, western outcrop of South Africa, the land is still alive. It whispers with the memory of our ancient ancestors, telling stories that enlighten and heal, when we listen.

The Storytellers' vision is to continue the narrative, living in authentic interaction with the Cederberg wilderness, and inviting others to experience it with us. We are inspired by the rocks, the plants, the stories the animals leave behind, the intensity of the weather and the spirit of South Africa's first people.

Our main focus is to spend time on the land - in the wilderness and in our gardens, learning from plants and helping them grow. We also spend time creating our world of increasing self-sustainability. In our apothecary, we make 100% natural, cleaning and personal care items, superfoods like smoothie powders, vinegars, herbal salts and preserves. We also homeschool our children.

Part of our work is to share this beautiful space with visitors, and to share what we are learning from the land. To this end, we have a landscape education space, verhaal.kraal, for crafting workshops, plant communication and knowledge workshops and apothecary workshops. It also hosts wilderness awareness classes for children in different age groups, and demos/displays from the apothecary. Some of these experiences are hosted by ourselves, some by experts from the local communities.

We have accommodation for eight people in our space: two glamping spaces, virtually inside the wilderness area. We welcome guests to come and stay, whether for a comfy, but close-to-nature holiday, or for our wilderness immersion experiences (in which you can learn more than in simply an afternoon's workshop). The units are 90% off-grid, but nonetheless equipped with all the amenities one might need, even for a long term stay.

A few things to do when visiting us:

Being close to nature

Our living spaces are directly adjacent to the wilderness area and designed to bring a sense of wilderness in. Many people visit simply to sit on their patio and Be, watching nature go by. When it's time to stretch your legs, venture into the wilderness space or take a time at the waterfall, the river or the huge, beautiful and clean farm dam.

Climbing and Bouldering

We are right in the heart of Rocklands, as close to the boulders as you could possibly be. We love to host climbers and other outdoor sports people who love nature as much as we do.


Whether you are only up for a gentle stroll in nature, or want to venture far afield, Rocklands is a beautiful space to walk and hike, with incredible rock formations and fascinating, ever-changing biodiversity. Vleiplaas Farm is pet friendly, but if you want to venture into the Cape Nature Reserve, you must leave your furry friends at home.

Learn about plants

The biodiversity of the Cederberg is our passion. Book a personal workshop, group workshop, two-day retreat or longer stay and immerse yourself in a journey of discovery amidst the plants of the Cederberg.

  • plant walks (guided by ourselves or local experts and storytellers)¬†
  • plant knowledge workshops
  • experiences in learning from plants
  • apothecary workshops (making products with plants)

Enjoying traditional food and indigenous tastes

There is no better way to immerse yourself in a place than to experience its food. At verhaal.kraal, we offer a venue where experts from resident local communities (working for themselves) offer traditional food experiences with a modern, fynbos-infused twist. They can also teach you how to make classic staples, like roosterbrood and ash bread.

Experience rock art

The artwork of the ancestors is dotted over cave walls all over this valley. Our neighbour's farm, Travellers Rest, offers a marked, rock art trail. Visits to certain other sites in the area can be arranged, with a guide only.